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I serve awesome websites.

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VIP clients I have served:

  • McDonald's
  • Kailow
  • ScandLines
  • You!

What kind of business do you do?

I am representing a company

You are now perhaps looking through a major hole in your “human resources”; you have a designer, maybe a programmer, but your team is lacking in for the niches of internet.

Imagine having somebody who can carry out these occasional requests. You value quality above anything else, you can not afford to serve your clients with a half-baked product; your company’s good name is at stake.

I have provided an outstanding quality service to large international clients like McDonalds, CelticTuning (UK), MBE (DE) or Kailow (DK). I am constantly seeking improvement and am studying to stay on the cutting edge of technology and give you the very best.

Look at your task list. Does it have words like PHP, HTML5, Facebook, Mobile app, Responsive, Frontend written in it? Give me a call or write up!

Jan Červený [t͡ʃerveniː] – the developer at your service.

I am a local business

You need a logo, website, business cards and promotion to kick start or bump up your sales.

You are not interested in technical details, you just need something that works. Why would you want to spend time and efforts dealing with three different agencies? You want a simple, all-in-one package provided by a face you can depend on, who will give you all necessary support and who will help you keep your assets growing with you.

Please check the packages.

Jan Červený [t͡ʃerveniː] – the multimedia designer at your service.